Submission Guidelines

What should you present?

Anything you want to.

The only restriction is the number of images (20) – and the time you have for each slide (20 seconds each). So you are limited to 400 seconds, or 6 minutes 40 seconds.

But beyond that there aren’t that many restrictions. No subject is off limits, all points of view allowed, It will be you, your subject, and the audience.

Remember, PK is all about being creative – how you show something is as important as in what you show.

Some of the things allowed include… talking, singing, hopping around on one leg, remaining silent, letting your puppet do the talking… not that we expect you to do all/any of that. Just letting you know that those options are out there…

A few guidelines:

From having seen well over a hundred presentations, here are a few things we would advice:

– Images are important

What makes Pecha Kucha different from most other presentations/performances is the requirement of 20 images, as well as their 20-second cadence.

– Use original images if ever possible – they always work better than stock photos or random ones found online.

– If visual media/images are not your thing, consider collaborating with a visual artist/graphic designer/photographer. Some of our best, most original presentations have come from such collaborations.

– Remember that the panel selects based on the images and a short write-up, and you might be up against some accomplished visual artists/designers/photographers.

– Show – don’t tell

If your organization does crazy creative things, don’t just talk about it, share what you have actually created. Which brings us to…

– Don’t “sell on stage”

Pecha Kucha offers a great stage for you to share your passion/talent, but not so much to sell your work/product/cause/organization. No one wants to spend their time and money watching an infomercial. We also follow a no-logo rule: we discourage the inclusion of any kind of company/organizational logos (with some exceptions – for example, if the topic is the design of logos).

What you need to submit:

  • A title for your presentation
  • A 100 word description
  • 20 images in the sequence you want to present in, as a zipped Powerpoint (.ppt) file.

Note: File Preparation

  • Only still images. All images to be 100-150 res. – 10”x7.5” – jpeg format.
  • No transitions/animations in the Powerpoint
  • No movie clips/music.

Submit your presentation via Email, or a file drop.

Please use one of the following methods to deliver your submissions to pkn_Files at point8 dot org. Remember to punch in this address for any file service you use.

Large File Delivery Services:

  • Saves file and sends email to us with download location
  • Saves files and sends email to us with download location

The selection process:

We will be limiting the total number of presentations to 10. An independent panel made up of artists/designers and former presenters will be selecting the final list of presenters. The selection will be based on the quality of the entries, and the originality of the theme/ideas submitted. We also try to ensure the inclusion of a really wide range of media and topics.


V5 04/10

PKN Charlotte - Volume 5

  •   Date: Thursday April 8th
  •   When: Starting at 7:30pm
  •   Where: Dharma Lounge, South End (1440 S Tryon, NC 28203)
  •   Cover Charge $5.

What will you Share?

You have 20 slides  
20 seconds per image.

An adventure or experiment.
Last years study or a new business idea.

Whatever you choose. Aim to intrigue.

Now is your chance to be a presenter at the event on April 8th 2010

Got Questions: If you have questions or a great idea and need some feedback, . Entry Deadline:
March 22nd