Pecha Kucha Night Vol. 6 – Friday July 16th

We are back at Dharma, with an exciting new lineup!

As before, the 10 presentations of PK Volume 6 will cover a broad range of topics and media from Painting and Illustration to Physics and Visualization. The presenters (in alphabetical order – this won’t be the order of presentations):

Natalie Bork
Crista Cammaroto
Ana Jofre
Jason Kierce
Robert Kosara
Jack Ossa
Carlos Salum
Cathy Sheafor
Wolly Vinyl
Mike Wirth

Douglas Welton will be back as our MC for Volume 6.

DHARMA Lounge, 1440 South Tryon, Ste. 105, Charlotte, NC.
FRIDAY July 16, 7:30 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. Doors open at 7:00.
Admission is $5 at the door. Cash bar. The Common Market will be selling light food & snacks.

*Recommend light rail and carpooling* / #pknclt

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V5 04/10

PKN Charlotte - Volume 5

  •   Date: Thursday April 8th
  •   When: Starting at 7:30pm
  •   Where: Dharma Lounge, South End (1440 S Tryon, NC 28203)
  •   Cover Charge $5.

What will you Share?

You have 20 slides  
20 seconds per image.

An adventure or experiment.
Last years study or a new business idea.

Whatever you choose. Aim to intrigue.

Now is your chance to be a presenter at the event on April 8th 2010

Got Questions: If you have questions or a great idea and need some feedback, . Entry Deadline:
March 22nd