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June 2005 - Machining a Sense of Wonder

Kit Kube: “Circadian Snare” Mixed media installation

“I think what you felt was just Wonder, not knowledge or knowing. You felt that knowledge was not as important as your sense of Wonder, which was a great feeling without reservation, without obligation, without accounting for yourself…”
– Louis Kahn

Local artist Kit Kube will be doing a presentation followed by an open discussion, the working title for which is:

Machining a Sense of Wonder.

Kit Kube must be familiar to many of you, and wouldn’t need any further introduction. For those who do not, Kit does what can be broadly classified as “kinetic art”. (More info at )

They often involve relatively simple mechanisms using a light-source and found machine parts. However the real medium – the “immeasurable” part that truly makes up the artwork – is light, space, and the viewer/participant who interacts with them. Kit’s background is in designing interactive exhibits for science museums and shows. However later on he transitioned from creating scientific exhibits – pieces that stimulates one’s sense of discovery – to artistic objects – machines that communicate with you at a level beyond that of knowledge.

Join us as Kit takes us through that realm where science, art and one’s innate sense of wonder intersect.