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October 2007 - momento:memento

Momento/Memento: An object or item that serves to remind one of a person, past event; keepsake, souvenir. There are two accepted spellings, Memento and Momento that derive from the root words, Memory and Moment.

Memory and moment…......two events in time, the past and present, that come together to point us towards our future. These “spaces” where memory and moment exist concurrently can be called Thresholds – spaces where one may look back and see the past, look forward to see the future – all while standing in the present. In this sense, all time is concurrent and dynamic, and the notion of space and time exists like a three dimensional object.

In a world that is driven by linear time, setting and checking off goals, and a persistent need to “move forward”, we frequently deny ourselves the space to address the questions of our lives.

Through mementos/momentos, in the “simple and forgotten things”, we find ourselves like finding the world in a grain of sand. We pursue an unknown language of objects that embody memories, moments and hopes – where for a moment, at the Threshold, there is an interrupting silence, and time spreads out around us – freed from the confines of the line we impose upon it. We exclaim, “I don’t know” and the realm of all possibility spreads out before us.

“ is the questions themselves that we must celebrate, like locked rooms full of treasure waiting for our blind and groping key….until we find that someday we have lived ourselves into the answer….”

Rainer Marie Rilke, Letters to a Young Poet

What is it that drives us to pick up an object that then becomes a reminder?

What is it that we seek to be reminded of?

Join us this Monday as local artist and longtime point8 member Laura McCarthy ponders these and other questions…

When: Monday, 22nd Oct ’07 @ 6:00pm
Where: Main Auditorium, Mint Museum of Art (Randolph Rd.

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