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October 2004 - Architectonic Elements

Details of the Session on 10/11, to be led by Joie Lassiter:

“I consider myself a storyteller who builds stories with architectural material” – Marjetica Potrc

The boundaries between what was traditionally considered “art” and “architecture” are fast disappearing. Contemporary trends show more and more artists are using “architectonic” elements as their medium for art, while the work of architects become increasingly akin to “artistic objects”. In our first few sessions we will take a closer look at this trend. Where does this come from? Where is it leading to? What are its implications on art, architecture and our lifestyles?

Starting from an “art perspective”, the session will start with a short presentation by Joie about the work of some contemporary artists like Rachel Whiteread, Marjetica Potrc and Gordon Matta Clarke, whose work straddle the traditional boundaries between art, design and architecture.

  1. wonder how builders cope working on banal constructions & renovations,must have to drink a lot
    By alan lowrent