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September 2006 - Force of Nature

Detail from Salt Maze by Motoi Yamamoto

Force Of Nature Podcast

Thanks to Charles Holloman Productions for the professional recording of the session, and to Mitchell Kearney for making it possible.

Part 1 – Presentation

Part 2 – Discussion

Sometimes the most quiet and ethereal things are also the most powerful.
Certain works of art reawaken us. They remind us of the possibilities inherent in the simple manipulation of materials and space, of our attempts to record and affect the flow of time, of the innocent fascination we felt at our early encounters with nature. They also remind us of the subtle awe and enchantment that is at the root of our creative urge to engage with our environment.

Most of you must already be knowing about the “Force of Nature”: program that is going on around here, involving the residency and shows by ten Japanese artists. It is the largest ever collaborative effort by seven major art institutions in North and South Carolinas*. The program is curated by Brad Thomas, Director, Van Every / Smith Galleries , Davidson College, and Mark Sloan, Director at the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art , Charleston.
Very often what we associate with contemporary Japanese art and culture involve the extremes of abstraction/artificiality and technological excesses (like manga, anime, works by the likes of Murakami etc.). In contrast, for these ten artists the creation of art is a retreat into a contemplative and often introspective engagement with natural elements and materials. Their works are mostly ephemeral, subtle, and created from common materials using very simple techniques. Yet the experience of their work become powerful encounters of the self with the primal and the timeless, through the sense of smell, taste, touch, hearing, as well as sight.

In this special session of point8 next Monday, Brad will introduce the program and the artists. Motoi Yamamoto , the creator of amazing labyrinths made of salt (image above), and other artists will be participating. (Because the artists just arrived just over a week ago and are settling into the residencies, we are still not sure who all will be able to attend) We will update you soon with more details about the session.
Please mark it on your calendars, and be there!

What: Point8 Special Session w/ Brad Thomas and artists from “Force of Nature”: Multimedia presentation followed by open discussion.
When: Sept 18th Monday, 6:00pm
Where: The Charlotte Museum of History

Thanks to Tom Stanley, Ken Lambla, Suzanne Fetscher, Devlin McNeil and of course, Brad Thomas for making this special session possible.

* For more details, see the main FON website: Check it out for the full listing of events, and regular updates on the progress of the work at the different sites. The shows of their work here will be on at the galleries at Davidson, the McColl Center, Winthrop and UNCC CoA in the coming weeks.

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