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January 2005 - Collaborative Fallout

“It takes two (or three or four). Collaboration is our wellspring – both within the studio and without. We enter into projects looking for… that area where we can make the greatest contribution. This inevitably results in our opening up a terrain we can’t enter into alone, and the absolute necessity for collaborative efforts.” – From the “Philosophy” of Bruce Mau Design

Collaboration has been a concept central to our forum, right from its inception. We will be taking a different look at it in this Monday’s discussion, to be led by June Lambla, Chuck Barger and Brad Thomas (please see my earlier mail below for more details).
To quote June: “We are hoping to give a quick 20 minute presentation of several forms of collaboration to prompt discussions of quality in the process. But other digressions would be just as valid. So as Mau himself might respond, let folks question, not come with answers already formulated.”

Pasting below the original topic outline from June, Chuck and Brad, unadulterated:

Collaborative Fallout

A presentation focusing on processes of collaboration

  • Collaboration to achieve a specific product
  • Collaborative interaction with a social focus
  • Design that causes human interaction or collaboration

To be followed or augmented by discussion …..